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Ann Drinan • Algis Kaupas

Web Design • Writing • Editing • Photography • Audio • Video

Ann Drinan and Algis Kaupas bring a wide variety of talents to their projects.

Ann is a musician, writer, editor, web designer, and Executive Director of CONCORA, a professional chorus based in Hartford Connecticut. She has been a member of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra's viola section for over 30 years. She is a writer and Senior Editor for, a website for symphony musicians, and has written grant proposals for arts organizations. She also has several technical books and many software documentation projects to her credit.

Algis has worked in film and television for 30 years as an audio engineer, is an avid photographer with several prestigious exhibits to his credit, and is a web designer.

We are both active free-lancers in our different professions. We spend many hours together at concerts, art museums and galleries. We can easily talk with you about what message you'd like to convey with your website, and help you achieve that.

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