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Ann Drinan • Algis Kaupas

Web Design • Writing • Editing • Photography • Audio • Video

Here are a few examples of the websites we've created for our colleagues.

These sites range from performing groups, to the individual artist, to non-profit groups.

We are eager to help you find the right statement to make about yourself or your group on the web. We can offer photography, audio editing, and video editing assistance.

And most importantly, we can sit down with you and help you define your personal statement, and then refine it as you see it start to develop in a website.

Because Ann is a musician herself, she is very aware of the elements you might want to highlight in your website, and can help you identify exactly what you should emphasize.

We have begun designing projects in WordPress, both to take advantage of the latest exciting advances in web technology, and to make it easier for our clients to update their websites themselves.


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